Who am I?

Welcome! I see you have stumbled upon this page. I would like to dedicate this page into explaining who I am, how this all started and why I'm doing this. 



My name is Yousif and I am an avid Dutch cyclist. I run Be Dutch! Bicycles and provide the world with quality bicycles to get excited about. Being Dutch I have cycled all my life, and want to share the joy of cycling with the world.

The first two years I spent in the UK I did not cycle, this was due to the absence of a proper cycling infrastructure. After, what felt like, two long years without my bicycle I decided to give it a shot. I was itching to get back on my bicycle and cycle again. The moment I stepped on my bicycle the feeling was out of this world. I decided I want to bring Dutch bicycles to the UK and the world. I realized then and there how much cycling is a part of me.

Be Dutch! Bicycles started at the University of Surrey. On November 2012 the University started a small shop called Studio. The idea of this is to allow students to trial their business. It was the perfect opportunity for me to trial the shop. One thing led to another and I obtained a spot in the store to sell Dutch bicycles. To get the word out I started the website to allow anyone to purchase these bicycles.

Fast forward to July 2013 and I graduated with a Masters in Chemistry. The bicycles were doing very well thanks to the warm weather. I did not expect there to be such an interest in Dutch Bicycles. I thought of continuing the store online as I was planning to do my PhD at a different University. However I got accepted at the University of Surrey to do a PhD in nanohybrid materials. The project appealed to me and being at the same University it allowed me to continue the shop at Studio while doing my PhD.


My motivation with Be Dutch! is to get more people cycling. I believe that cycling is the only sustainable form of transport. Rather than pumping money in developing fuel efficient cars, why not build a safe cycling infrastructure? The common belief is that cycling is not an everyday thing and that wearing Lycra is a must. I am here to bust... no shatter that myth! I am passionate about Dutch bicycles and want people to try out a Dutch bicycles and realize that cycling can be comfortable and that you look good doing it! Every single person who has purchased a bicycle has told me how much they love it, how many compliments they receive and how great the bicycles are. Even myself, with my 8+ years old bicycle, am getting compliments about the bicycle I have to this day.


I am chasing my dream and believe that a sustainable cycling infrastructure is a must. Dutch bicycles are amazing but do not take my word for it, pop in the shop try a bicycle out and Be Dutch!

 - Yousif Sadik


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