Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I would like to thank you for choosing Be Dutch! Bicycles. I have spent the past three years on the shop and growing it slowly. There is still so much to do, but so little time that I have at the moment.


At the present moment of time I am updating the stock to the 2016 models, but coupled to other commitments (read below) this will be done on the start of 2016. Please bear with me as I am working hard to get this done.

As you might know I run Be Dutch! Bicycles alongside my PhD. Currently I am in my final year reading towards my degree. Be Dutch! throughout the years has been commanding more of my time. And at this stage it is difficult to balance both my PhD and Be Dutch in this critical year. Furthermore I am leaving to Sao Paulo - Brazil on December as I have an exchange with the University of Sao Paulo until April 2016.

Now what does this mean to you? Well first and foremost, the shop will continue as per usual while I am away in Brazil. The only thing is I will only be contactable via e-mail. So if you have any question please send me an e-mail do not ring as you will be ringing directly to Brazil!

Upon my return the shop will continue as per usual, but do bear with me as it will be the final stretch towards the completion of my PhD. I kindly ask for your understanding as I want to achieve my degree. Upon completion I will commit to Be Dutch! fully and will

Thank you once more for choosing Be Dutch and for your patience.


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