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Cycling is something you do together. Your first steps without training wheels. Then all by yourself at school and later with a boyfriend or girlfriend on the back of your bicycle. On the way to your new job or during a holiday down the hills at home and abroad. With your child in front securely to take long trips together. You bike grows with you during all stages of your life. Batavus is a family brand and therefore grows with you. Whatever it is that you value on: your bicycle must match your lifestyle. Batavus always keeps this mind since 1904.

A bike that fits you

For our designers there is only one important thing: for you fully enjoy your Batavus. Enjoyable, safe, durable, stylish and comfortable cycling. We already have these features incorporated into various levels in our bicycles. A good bicycle should also be beautiful and safety is an important factor as well. Thus each bicycle has its own character and there is always a bike that fits you. Whether you're four and cycling for the first time, got a job interview, or go cycling together. Cycling is something you do together.

Safe and secure

For over a century we make bicycles from our factory in Heerenveen. Sturdy, safe and modern quality bicycles with which you can cycle on with a carefree mind. Our bikes are all designed with the same love and attention and assembled by skilled professionals. We look critically at ourselves and ask external experts for feedback. So we can continuously deliver the highest possible quality. And before the bicycles go into production, they are thoroughly tested in our designated test centre.

All our frames are made according to the highest standards and are tested extensively. Almost every Batavus has a solid lock, powerful reflectors and a reliable hub dynamo. So you have consistent power supply for the lighting of your bike. By using the best materials we do everything to provide you a safe, reliable and solid quality bike. It is important that you can rely on your bike.

Batavus bikes are fun

What makes cycling so much fun? For one, it gives you freedom. Quickly to the city, on the road for short journeys during your day, or much longer journeys without any constraints. The other is about the comfort of a bicycle. Because a lot of attention is spend a lot to the safety as well as the comfort, this is achieved by using adjustable parts so you can create the perfect seating position for yourself.

We also pay a lot of attention to the styling and design of our bikes. Our stylists and designers visit many exhibitions and presentations where the latest trends are taken forward towards new designs. With modern materials and trendy colour combinations and beautiful details in the finish Batavus bicycle become an essential part of your life. Because each bicycle has its own character, there is always a Batavus that fits you perfectly.

Batavus has introduced many different innovations throughout the years, like the specialist paint procedure, the Ergo Matic handlebar, front suspension and the suspended seat post! Several Batavus bicycles have earned the “Bicycle of the Year” award in the Netherlands, with good reasons of course. The most recent award was for the Batavus Utility Bike (BUB) with the characteristic paperclip frame. This year they are rolling out the Batavus Aerflow components.


Batavus Aerflow

Several new bicycles are equipped with the Batavus Aerflow components that make cycling extra comfortable and adds extra functionality in addition to the improved looks of the bicycles; with clean lines and rounded corners.

Perfect Coating

Batavus utilizes the latest paint processes available. Thus are the leader in the bicycle industry when it comes to coatings. Each bicycle is coated with up to five water-based coatings in the paint shop in Heerenveen. This is not only good for colour retention but also the colours will be much more vibrant, durable and are good for the environment!

Batavus Materials

Who’s going for quality, is going for a Batavus! High-quality materials, such as aluminium 7005, combined with quality components ensure years of durability and cycling.

Batavus front suspension

The front suspension found on some Batavus models has been specially engineered. The front fork has unique design where the front light is part of the fork.

Batavus Ergo Matic Plus

Adjust the handlebar into your ideal position easily with the Ergo Matic Handlebar!

E-bikes with hidden battery compartments 

Batavus delivers a wide range of E-bikes where the battery is tucked away from plai sight. The battery is also easily removed and can be charged anywhere at any time. 

Design, Comfort, Reliability

The style and design of Batavus bicycles are top notch. Made from quality materials, range of colours, exceptional attention to detail and a quality finish.


Customer support

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