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Cortina’s Dutch fashion bikes are built to be seen with!

Finally, there is a bicycle brand that fits your style and builds bicycles to be seen with. In fashion we have an infinite source of inspiration to keep surprising you. By using colour, design and small details that make a huge difference. Your Cortina, your style.

There are some things in life that get you used to so fast that you can hardly imagine a time that it was not there. But when we looked around us a few years ago, we saw a lot of the same type of bicycles; sober colours, similar models with lots of frills. Little to really distinguish yourself, and certainly no bikes where a fashion-conscious man or woman happily showed up with. Time for a change we thought. Because let's be honest; when you're young you choose a bike that matches you. Like your clothes, your smartphone and other accessories.



Our quest for a modern, trendy bicycle brought us back to the basics, to the style of bicycles from the past. What immediately caught our attention were the old, robust transport bicycles that have emerged in the early 20th century. Solid city bikes with a front and rear carrier. These bikes were mainly used as butcher/bakery bicycle that were used for deliveries using a large front basket.

The idea immediately appealed to us; a bike design that contains everything one needs, special in its simplicity. We surrounded ourselves with well-known designers from the fashion and design industry to achieve a contemporary and trendy model. In 2006 we released our first collection of city bicycles and now there a lot of happy men and women on a Cortina!

Meanwhile, we dare to say that Cortina has changed the streets for good. There are now bicycles that suit your style where you want to be seen with. Bicycles to be happy and proud about. And the link with the world of fashion, which we withhold. Fashion is our starting point to continue to surprise you. With color, with design, with small details that make the difference.

Today you find three fashion styles within the Cortina range.
• Originals: Trendy, Sturdy transport bicycles
• Utility: Modern transport bicycles
• Metropole: Sturdy Urban bicycles

Your Cortina, Your Style

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