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Royal Dutch Gazelle employs around 450 employees at its factory in Dieren producing more than 300,000 bicycles a year. Gazelle is market leader in the Netherlands and also works hard at growing the organisation outside the country. Ever since our company was incorporated in 1892 quality has always come first. In 1996, the Gazelle quality system was certified in accordance with ISO-9001 norms. Gazelle is the only Dutch bicycle manufacturer with this certification. We are proud of our Royal title which was awarded to us by Princess Margriet on the occasion of our centenary celebrations in 1992. An honour which further serves to cement our moral duty to continue to innovate. To remain at the forefront with smart inventions to make cycling more enjoyable or easier.

You see, at Gazelle, we believe: the better your bike is, the more often you will cycle! Ever since 1892 we have been doing everything in our power to make the finest quality bikes that provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible. This is how Gazelle makes you ‘feel like cycling’ every day.

Feel like cycling!

Cycling must not be an effort, on the contrary, it should energise you. Your bike should make you feel like cycling again every day so you can enjoy the open air, the countryside and the exercise. You will cycle smartly past the city traffic queues and will not need to worry about finding a place to park. Just feeling the wind in your hair, or clearing your head after a day’s work: it means getting back home relaxed

To accomplish that feeling, a bike is only worthy of the Gazelle name if it has the perfect threefold combination of a delightfully smooth ride, smart design and robust quality. Because at Gazelle we believe: the better your bike is, the more often you will cycle! Ever since 1892 we have been doing everything in our power to make the finest quality bikes that provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible. This is how Gazelle makes you ‘feel like cycling’ every day.

Gazelle threefold combination

You will ‘feel like cycling’ more often if your bike offers the perfect combination of smooth cycling, clever design and robust quality. As far as we are concerned a bike is only worthy of the Gazelle name if it meets these three criteria. Smooth cycling - Ease and comfort.

Regardless of whether you want to cycle quickly through town or are about to undertake a long touring ride, smooth cycling will make your ride a lot more comfortable. That is why we make our models lighter each time around by using lightweight components, while maintaining our quality standards and solidity of course. Indeed our electric bikes are actually 10% lighter than comparable quality bikes! If you would like to enjoy smooth cycling optimally, then choose our special Lite Line models.

Smart design - Striking and ingenious

Choosing a bike is personal. That is why Gazelle has a wide range of models, price brackets and colours. One of them is sure to have your name on it! Gazelle is constantly working on further refining the design and styling of its bikes. An example is the smart integration of cables and lighting into the bike, making them less vulnerable and, what’s more, it looks particularly stylish. A lot of our electric, city and leisure bikes are equipped with these components.

Robust quality - Durable and safe

If you purchase a new bike, you do not want to have any worries about it. At Gazelle we understand how you feel. That is why you will get no less than 10 years’ warranty on all frames and non-suspension front forks. We provide a 5-year warranty on suspension front forks and 2 years on all other components. The paint on a Gazelle is indestructible, as well as being rock-hard and scratch-resistant in every colour. This durability pays for itself in lower maintenance costs and a good trade-in value, whilst you enjoy maximum cycling pleasure on a Gazelle quality bike.

Royal Title

Gazelle is the only Dutch bicycle brand that received the Royal Seal of Approval. In 1992 Gazelle was awarded this special honour by Princess Margriet. The Royal title is a distinction which can be awarded to associations, foundations, establishments or large enterprises.

It symbolises the respect, recognition and trust of the Queen in the beneficiary. Only the Queen can award the title. The designation is strictly by title and means that the organisation may add ‘Royal’ to its name and include the Royal Crown in the logo. In order to be eligible an organisation must meet the following criteria:

• it must have been incorporated for a minimum of hundred years;
• be influential in its field;
• demonstrably stable and enjoy a good financial reputation;
• not be part of a larger concern that already has the “Royal” distinction;
• be known as a Dutch company.

For further information on the Royal title, please go to the website at

Sustainable enterprise

Gazelle is keen to do its bit towards making the world a better place. We do this by taking a critical look at our everyday actions and dealings. Cycling itself is an environmentally-friendly activity. After all, it is one of the cleanest modes of transport there is. So, if you ride a Gazelle bike you are actively being “green”.

But we also take due account of the environment during the production process. For example, we only use water-based paints and we make a conscious effort when it comes to the recycling process. Therefore, in partnership with waste disposal firm Van Gansewinkel we have started the ReCycle project in which we are working towards a 100% recyclable bicycle. We are also using FSC-certified paper for our brochures, packaging and promotional materials. But also via our collaboration with Natuurmonumenten and Veilig Verkeer Nederland we want to fight for a cleaner and safer cycling environment. So, for a better world we also reiterate our cry: Go cycling!


Gazelle has long since led the way when it comes to clever inventions to make cycling more attractive or easier. We have over 100 years of bicycle know-how and we are driven by improvement and innovation. Our innovations still contribute to everyday cycling comfort today. At Gazelle it is our belief that “happy cycling” is based on the right combination of comfort, convenience and personal taste. All our innovations are, therefore, geared towards improving these three aspects for you. Our models and parts regularly win awards and our bicycles are rated highly in different cycle tests.

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