Why a Dutch Bicycle?


There are numerous reasons why a Dutch bicycle is more practical than any other type of bicycle. The majority of the people who cycle want to use it for commuting. However a lot of people tend to go for a mountain bike or a racing bike to commute with. These types of bicycles, as the name suggests, are not intended for daily commuting they are intended for mountain biking and racing.

With a true Dutch bicycle it’s all about ergonomics and comfort. You can sit upright and be a safe participant in traffic while having the perfect posture for your back and body. A Dutch bicycle is made for your daily commute, it provides reliable service every day. Dutch cycling is about enjoying the journey and getting from to your destination in comfort, style and above all reliability.

Riding a mountain bike or any other style bike will result in poor posture where your bent over and putt strain on the back. On a Dutch bicycle you sit up right, this results in no strain on the back additionally this position takes all the weight off your wrists. Cycling on a Dutch bicycle is a whole new experience if you have never tried it. You will glide along the road with ease and enjoy the view around you thanks to the upright position.

Cycling is no longer just about getting from A to B on an exercise machine, heads down with eyes focused on the tarmac just in front of you. It’s about enjoying the journey too and seeing the world around you.


Say goodbye to Lycra and messy clothes! A Dutch bicycle is designed to make your everyday journey as comfortable as possible without worrying about what you’re wearing. Just hop on the bicycle and get going!

The enclosed chain case protects trousers and skirts from the messy cogs whilst the skirt guard keeps other types of clothing from getting caught in the rear wheel. This is possible because of the features that come standard on a Dutch Bike: full fenders, upright riding position, completely covered chain, rear wheel lock, rear rack, included lights and bells, skirt guards, and the list goes on!


   Hub Gears, rollerbrakes and hub dynamo

Genuine Dutch bicycles use the Shimano Nexus system for the gears and brakes. On a typical bicycle a derailleur system is used, where switching gears means moving the chain from one cog to another. This system does not come in an enclosed chain case as it is very big.

Dutch bicycles use Shimano Nexus Hub gears. A hub gear consist of only one cog, and switching gears is done by moving a pin in and out of the hub. All of this is performed by a gear switcher on the handle bar. Thanks to only having one gear this system can be enclosed and therefore minimizing the wear of the chain due to the rain and dirt. Since the whole system is enclosed into the hub it does not require looking after!

The brakes found on a Dutch bicycle are Shimano Nexus rollerbrakes. These types of brakes are all -weather enclosed brakes that will work no matter what weather! Gone are the days of the squeaky rubber V-brakes or disc brakes that require consistent maintenance.

Every Dutch bicycles comes standard with a front and rear light. The front light on some models is powered by a hub dynamo. Instant light is available at the touch of a button. Energy is generated in the front hub which is used to power the front light, all of this without adding any resistance to the ride!



  Complete with a capital C!

A Dutch bicycle comes complete with everything on it! Standard features on a Dutch bicycle are
  • Lights front and rear
  • Kickstand and bell
  • Gel sprung saddle
  • Rear wheel lock
  • Sturdy luggage carrier
  • Full sized mudguards on both wheels
  • Skirt guard
  • Pedals for all footwear

All these features are there to make cycling as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. The lights allow you to see and be seen, the kickstand allows you to park your bike anywhere without having it to lean on something, the gel sprung saddle gives you the comfort you need when cycling, and the integrated lock is great for a quick nip into a shop. However we recommend using a D-lock to prevent theft of the bicycle!

The sturdy rear carrier allows you to take almost anything with you! Typically the Dutch take their kids, friends, pet, furniture, groceries and pretty much anything you can think of this carrier! The full sized mud guards prevent any water/mud to splash on you while cycling and the skirt guard prevents clothing form getting caught in the wheel. And finally the pedals are designed to be used with any footwear!


Complete with a capital C is an understatement, the Dutch bicycle is here to make your journeys more enjoyable!

Whether you like the traditional style bicycle or the modern bicycle, there is style for everyone! All genuine Dutch bicycles are build to last and will look good for years to come.

Do not take my word for it as to how great these bicycles are, but take the word of the 17 million Dutch people that use a Dutch bicycle every day! Pop by in the shop, have a chat and try out a Dutch bicycle from our collection and Be Dutch!



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